About me

My name is Małgorzata Cynker.

I am a psychologist, certified Gestalt psychotherapist (EAP, EAGT), psycho-oncologist and a trainer.

Who I am and how I work emerged through my self-development.

My own psychotherapy, workshops I attended, people I’ve met, experienced I’ve had and my professional development brought me to a conclusion that Presence is the key factor. Professional, kind, human Presence.

I see my life as a process which centers around aware experiencing of what happens to me and what I co-create. Hence I am constantly curious about the world, people around me and myself.

For me Gestalt is a way of looking at reality, the changes that take place, the people and myself.

In my free time I taste life: I dance, sing, read and wonder.

My work

In my approach to therapy, self-development and life I aspire to be as human as possible.

I assist people in their suffering and growth, I help to see a new perspective, I see and hear what’s sometimes unspeakable, I help to name and integrate what is difficult to accept.

I acknowledge and cherish existential issues as a common ground of being human.

For many years I have been assisting dying people in palliative care.

I work with grief.
I offer home visits for cancer patients and their families, as well as those who lost their mobility for different reasons.

I provide crisis interventions.

I support self-development of people who are looking for Fullness in their life.

I help to integrate loss as a chance to grow.

I work with students. Since 2015 I co-operate with Łódź Film School.

I work with couples.

I train psychotherapists and other helping professions.

I regularly supervise my work.

I work in English as well as Polish.

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